Meet the Kuvva team: Stijn

This Friday we warmly welcome the next target of our Kuvva team interview series: Stijn!


Hi Stijn, please tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Stijn and I’m 23 years old. Currently I’m studying Multimedia Design in Rotterdam. Next week, I will start my final year at school. In the mean time I work as a freelance designer for Kuvva.

In my spare time I like to do sports. I enjoy running and fitness a lot. Jeroen and Damian are challenging me to beat them during a triathlon, but I’m a poor swimmer. I’ll probably sink.

When did you join Kuvva?

I started as an intern over a year ago. After the internship I continued working here on a freelance basis. I have been working on the new Kuvva platform for more than half a year now.

What do you do here on a daily basis?

My job description is Junior Designer, but that can sound a bit vague. I do a lot of interface design and spend quite some time coding as well. Before starting my internship I knew a little bit of code. Here I learnt how to quickly start working in the browser, which involved coding the designs and I fell in love with it! I’m glad to do this, and work with the team on a day to day basis.

What’s your favourite illustration on Kuvva then?

I like “Icosahedron Shaded” by Tilman! Well, I like the entire set. Great use of colours, strong shapes, consistency and reduction. For over a year he made an illustration out of geometric shapes every day. Besides the fact that most of the work is beautiful to look at, it’s really interesting to see how the shapes are combined to form one shape.

Which illustrator do you think is still missing on Kuvva platform?

I think that should be Long Muzzle!!

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Meet the Kuvva team: Stijn

Enjoy the magic of Glen Keane’s “Duet”

Glen Keane is a living legend in animation. He’s best known for his character design and animation on Walt Disney’s Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and Tangled. In 2013, he was named a Disney Legend.

“Duet” is his newest project for Google’s Spotlight Stories campaign. Each story in this campaign is an interactive film that allows the viewer to control the camera’s angle. Taking advantage of this new format, Glen has drawn and animated “Duet” to create a new narrative experience in the field of hand-drawn animation.

We were totally mesmerised by the way the emotional sketches turn into smooth and seamless motion. Glen’s ability to animate lines into life is second to none and it has a way of connecting with the audience on a personal level. The journey of the two friends becoming life partners engulfs us softly and deeply into the feelings of love and belonging that resonates with all of us deep down inside.

Below is a brief presentation by Glen himself explaining his philosophy behind “Duet”: “I see drawing as a kind of seismograph of the soul.”

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

Enjoy the magic of Glen Keane’s “Duet”

Meet the refined Blanca Gómez

We’re super happy this week to have the artwork of Blanca Gómez featured on our Kuvva app! Blanca was just back from her holiday and we’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with her to have a small chat. Enjoy!

Hi Blanca, please tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Blanca Gómez. I’m an illustrator living and working in Madrid, Spain. For the last 5 or 6 years I’ve divided my time between doing commissioned illustrations for many different clients from a wide range of fields and my own web shop, where I sell prints of my illustrations. This allows me to be more selective about which projects I get into and have space for myself where I can do whatever I want with complete freedom.

How did you get into illustration in the first place?

It was rather late… I studied Publicity at uni, and I didn’t like it a tiny bit. But while I was on it, I discovered graphic design, which I really liked. I worked several years as a designer in some studios and then I started to get bored of it. I rediscovered drawing (I used to draw a lot as a child) and discovered illustration as a form of communication. I got fully into it, I practiced and practiced, left my job as a designer, got some projects through my website, I opened my shop… and so far so good!


Could you share some tips with our readers to help them get out of creative blocks?

Several years ago I wrote a very long text about that matter (which wasn’t actually published) for a book. As it was quite long and dense, I’ll write down here only the final thought:

To tell the truth, the only strategy I follow that works for me is just waiting for the block to wash away, and not suffering from it by working for hours with no real outcome and ending up with some work that is not by far the best you could have done (our work is not sooo important, and we must learn that we cannot always be the best of the best!). And, finally, not going to bed really late and in the wrong mood. But then you sleep, and tomorrow is a new day.

All this stuff doesn’t seem of much help, I know, but it is, as we have reached the key: just sleep, as tomorrow is a new day. It is amazing how a new day can put everything into place, and help you get a new perspective. Things always work out in the end somehow.

How do you think being featured on the new Kuvva platform will help you?

I don’t know! Let’s see! However it is, I guess it is important that somebody out there takes the trouble to do something different and think about us, poor, poor illustrators ; )

Do you have any future projects in mind?

I’m supposed to start working on some new books, so I’ll be busy the next few months. Also, some new personal projects are coming my way. I hope I’ll find some time for these. And last but not least, I would like to have time to watch the plants on my terrace grow!

Thank you very much!

We’re curious to know which one is your favourite from Blanca’s set this week. Scroll down and leave a reply below!


“Traveler 03”

“Coming Right Up”

“Traveler B.”




“Little Rain Man”

“Traveler 02”

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Meet the refined Blanca Gómez

Introducing the neat art of Andrew Kolb

We’ve long been fascinated with the work of Andrew Kolb. It’s his charming colours, clean lines and great combination of details that make up his signature neat art! Recently we’ve had the opportunity to chat with Andrew and got to know a handful of interesting facts, including who raised him as an illustrator.

Hi Andrew, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Andrew Kolb. I’m an illustrator with an education in graphic design and I also dabble in teaching. I like to bake when I find the time and tend to like stories with time travel in them. As to what I do specifically, I create pictures. Sometimes I make them for clients and sometimes I make them for myself. Most of the time I try to ensure there’s a story in there somewhere.

How did you get into illustration?

It was a slow transition from design into illustration and there is still a lot of overlap. I guess I got into what I do now by submitting to a lot of different collectives and groups. The Internet kinda raised me as an illustrator.

Is there any advice you have to share with readers who might be struggling with creative block?

Hmmm. If you aren’t pressed for time then I would say to change what you’re doing to avoid getting stuck. Whether you’re working on another artistic project, or taking a break to vacuum, the change will draw your mind away from the problem and give you the space you need. I find having two or three projects on the go (and at different stages of completion) that allow me avoid getting stuck while still being productive.

What about some tips to promote your work?

This is a tip that I should take myself: share a lot! Share your rough sketches and your process work as well as the finished product. I sometimes think my sketches are boring and aren’t worth blogging. Meanwhile I think other people’s rough work is super interesting! People who like what you do are keen to see every stage of the process and by sharing a lot, you’ll be promoting yourself as a professional artist.

Do you have any future plans?

I’m not sure about “plans” but I do have goals. I kinda like what I’m doing now but I’m also interested in getting into more dimensional work; toys and product design is a world that I’m keen to break into so that’s a goal of mine.

Good luck with your goals and thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to chat!

Feel free to scroll down and enjoy some of Andrews neat art!

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

Introducing the neat art of Andrew Kolb

Meet the Kuvva team: Gus

Featuring on our Friday series with Kuvva team today is Gus Moystad!


Hi, please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Gus and I’m Norwegian. I really love to draw, which makes working here a joy since I get to see so many fantastic and inspiring artists.

Though it’s not going very well right now, my dream is to have a beard like Henrik Ibsen. I’m hoping that somehow in 50 years, I’ll suddenly get a big bushy beard and a matching moustache (the moustache is going better for now), but you need patience for this kind of thing.

I also really really love comics and my life goal is to publish a comic inspired by my amazing beard. I will bet you right now that I will manage this by the time I am 72 (further details are not exposed due to the risk of going off-topic).

When did you join Kuvva?

I came straight here after graduating from university with a degree in Art History and Literature. That was about 2 months ago. I work in the gallery and also take part in the curation of the Kuvva platform.

I got to know Kuvva by coincidence. I was following a comic artist on Tumblr called Brandon Graham and he mentioned that he had a show at Kuvva Gallery. I stopped by and met Samuel and he was very nice. Then I went to New York for a semester and was inspired to work with art. When I came back to Amsterdam, I decided to stop by the gallery again to see what I could find out about cool art-related stuff around town. Instead, I found an internship, and luckily they accepted me and didn’t think I was too weird.

What do you do at Kuvva on a daily basis?

I do a bit of curation for Kuvva platform and general communication like answering emails and submissions for Kuvva. I send the necessary information to people who want to be on the platform. Then together with Laszlito and Thijs, I look at their portfolios to decide if they would be a good match for Kuvva.

What’s your favourite illustration on Kuvva?

‘Friends’ by Catherine Cordasco , and I also like ‘Skater’ by Janne Iivonen.

Which illustrator do you think is still missing on Kuvva platform?

Nokkasili would be very cool on Kuvva. But my actual favourite is Drawgabbydraw because I’m a big fan of watercolour and it’s exciting to see many things you can do with this medium.

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

Meet the Kuvva team: Gus