“Days” – All the wonders that can happen within

Your day is not boring. No, it’s not. It’s a beautiful time when wonderful things can happen and is happening. With his great talent in illustration, Kouzou Sakai shows us those wonders blooming everywhere in his “Days” series.

Done entirely in black and white with only a subdued yellow, “Days” makes you walk the borderline of nostalgia and happiness. The recurrent character is a typical office worker in suit and tie. He represents most of us who yearn for wonders in our daily life.

There are 11 illustrations in “Days” – 11 stunning pieces of “someone’s wonderful day”. Each feels as tranquil as the moon’s shining and the wind’s blowing. This kind of mood makes us take a deep breath and sigh “how wonderful this is”. The loneliness, the poetry, the serenity in “Days” spread beyond words. Even Death looks calm and patient there. We appreciate that.

What each of these beautiful pieces means is totally subjective. It’s the beauty of imagination. Let yours run wild.

Don’t forget you can see even more great work from Kouzou Sakai on his website, Behance, Twitter, Instagram.


“I’m good at drawing visional world…”


“… My illustration are based on peace and are studded with elements of beauty, …”


“… stillness…”


“… and nostalgia…”


“… I’d like to draw illustration which touches softly beholder’s memory…”


“… and feeling.” – Kouzou Sakai

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

“Days” – All the wonders that can happen within

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