Talented graphic illustrator Júlia Solans presents her 3 latest splendid projects

I can’t help grinning from ear to ear while marvelling at Júlia Solans‘ illustrations. At first glance, they’re really fun and nice to look at. Then I start realising it – the simple and rough aesthetic works as the perfect disguise for the underlying meaning(s). Every shape tells its part of the story and every colour ties them all together perfectly. The harmony is brilliant.

Before I know it, I’m bewitched. I contacted Júlia, and have the honour of having the artist herself present her latest work here. Get to know her inspiration, and indulge in the fantastic visuals of her world! Also keep an eye out for more on her website, Behance, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

“Hi, my name is Júlia Solans, I live and work from the lovely and sunny Barcelona. I define myself as graphic illustrator who works for commercial art. My background comes from graphic design but my passion and all I want to fight for is illustration.

I took the decision to be an illustrator when I was working as a ticket vendor at a cinema (not glamorous at all). Between sessions I had a lot of spare time, too many books to read and a pencil. At the beginning I read a lot. Then I started feeling too intellectual. I took a ticket and drew a face behind. After that I did a lot of faces and I realized that drawing was something that was warming up my blood. 

It took time working for advertising agencies and learning a lot to make myself a professional. It’s been three years now since I jumped to illustration and I’m really happy with that.”

Project #1 – “Maderfackards”

“Last year I started a project called “Maderfackards”. “Maderfackards” are greeting cards but with a slight difference: “Maderfackards” are made for haters.

I was sick of so many happy messages, so sweet and candid as “Today is the best day of your life… whatever”. I was not in that mood because outside was raining and unicorns don’t exist.

With that idea, I create this project with a touch of bitterness and a touch of evil laughs. This summer I was working in NY and I decided to translate them into English. You can see the process here.” 








Project #2 – Embrace reading

“I’m very attached to this second project I made last year. I enjoyed working on it so much! It was a campaign for public libraries in Barcelona to promote children’s reading. I love it when you are so deeply concentrated on a book that it seems like you are living inside the story you are reading. So I took this idea and I invited the children to become the characters of their story.” 


when I'm reading I'm a Giant's foot

Text: “When I’m reading I’m giant foot”

when I'm reading I'm a Queen

Text: “When I’m reading I’m a queen”

when I'm reading I'm a whale

Text: “When I’m reading I’m a whale”

when I'm reading I'm a Wolf

Text: “When I’m reading I’m a wolf”

Project #3 – “Love is far away, above the clouds” 

“I love planes, because when you are flying above somewhere, probably someone from that somewhere is looking at you. But none of you can see each other.

If I’m on the plane, I can’t see anything down there. And the person looking at the plane can just see a little machine crossing the sky.

Serendipity doesn’t exist then, lovers never find each other. I wrote this little comic called “Love is far away, above the clouds”.




This post was first published on Kuvva blog.

Talented graphic illustrator Júlia Solans presents her 3 latest splendid projects

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