“Secret Dog” – A fascinating adventure by Olga Demidova

“Secret Dog” is a book by Russian author Stanislav Vostokov telling incredible adventures of a talking dog and his friends crossing many sides of life in Russia. The one who brought all these characters to life and constructed such a delightful world for “Secret Dog” is the talented illustrator Olga Demidova.

Born and raised in the same world with “Secret Dog” – Russia – Olga first studied at the Moscow Art Institute of Applied Arts. Later she worked as an animator, but changed shortly back to illustration due to her enormous passion for this medium. Most of her work is children’s books published in Russia, Belarus, and the US. Olga’s style differs from one work to another, not significantly, but more adaptably. With “Secret Dog”, she went full force with texture-brushing and character designing.

Olga has a special way to make all her characters have an undeniable charm. Yep, even the bad guys. For the ‘good guy’, or our hero – the ‘secret dog’ – here, he looks all mysterious and goofy with that one black eye, yet he has a clever egde to him in the way his body moves and the manner in which his four legs work flawlessly as a human’s limbs. It’s a nice, subtle way of conveying the fact that he, after all, is a talking dog!

The world of “Secret Dog” is extraordinarily beautiful, thanks to Olga’s adept manoeuvre of textures. There is some amazing touch: the rough walls, the diffusing light, the faint smoke, the scattering clouds, all become so tangible and cordial that you feel like you can almost touch them. What’s more, the variety of thick and thin lines and many muted tones of colours create a deep and rich atmosphere all around.

Scroll down to see some of Olga’s great artwork for “Secret Dog”. You can also see more on her website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Behance.

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

“Secret Dog” – A fascinating adventure by Olga Demidova

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