I write stories.

In 2007, I started writing professionally in Saigon, Vietnam. I wrote hundreds of stories for local newspapers and organisations, including Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam, Vinamation animation studio, and Room to Read Vietnam.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design in 2012, I received a VU Excellence Scholarship from Vrije Universiteit. In 2013, I moved to the Netherlands and started writing in English on a daily basis. I embrace the joy of forging words and crafting stories.

In 2014, I completed my Master of Arts in Design Cultures. At this point, I noticed that I’ve been writing stories every single day. It can be a concise email to save someone’s time, a note to bright up someone’s day, a postcard to put a smile on someone’s face, an article to highlight someone’s great effort, a story to open up someone’s imagination, or an essay to raise someone’s eyebrow so that he won’t fall asleep while grading papers.

Now I develop a career as a writer based in the Netherlands. My goal is to write stories that open worlds – connect people and add value to their lives.


Writing – storytelling, transmedia storytelling, content writing, blogging, interviews, screenwriting, picture books

Curating – scouting projects and articles, creating coherence

Thinking – brainstorming, ideating, developing concepts, planning

Also – being hyper-curious, an autodidact, a multipotentialite (with a focus on creating content), and a semi-polyglot.


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