“Days” – All the wonders that can happen within

Your day is not boring. No, it’s not. It’s a beautiful time when wonderful things can happen and is happening. With his great talent in illustration, Kouzou Sakai shows us those wonders blooming everywhere in his “Days” series.

Done entirely in black and white with only a subdued yellow, “Days” makes you walk the borderline of nostalgia and happiness. The recurrent character is a typical office worker in suit and tie. He represents most of us who yearn for wonders in our daily life.

There are 11 illustrations in “Days” – 11 stunning pieces of “someone’s wonderful day”. Each feels as tranquil as the moon’s shining and the wind’s blowing. This kind of mood makes us take a deep breath and sigh “how wonderful this is”. The loneliness, the poetry, the serenity in “Days” spread beyond words. Even Death looks calm and patient there. We appreciate that.

What each of these beautiful pieces means is totally subjective. It’s the beauty of imagination. Let yours run wild.

Don’t forget you can see even more great work from Kouzou Sakai on his website, Behance, Twitter, Instagram.


“I’m good at drawing visional world…”


“… My illustration are based on peace and are studded with elements of beauty, …”


“… stillness…”


“… and nostalgia…”


“… I’d like to draw illustration which touches softly beholder’s memory…”


“… and feeling.” – Kouzou Sakai

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“Days” – All the wonders that can happen within

“Monsterkompendium” by Celsius Pictor – perfect for your Halloween

If you stumble upon “Monsterkompendium” without knowing beforehand what it really is, you may just buy the story at first sight. These extraordinary mechanical animals are a complete wonder. It gives the same thrill that a cabinet of curiosities would do centuries ago.

But this time, this compilation of biological research by lord Philip Polkar I is actually a collage project by artist Celsius Pictor. By pairing existing animals and mechanical parts, Celsius worked out a series of wondrous beasts. Yes, this mechanical zoology sure looks weird, but at the same time, it makes you think “why not?” These imageries are a true eye opener of borderline manifestation between nature and artificiality.

What’s also remarkable about the project is that Celsius wrapped the whole thing within a story world. The surrounding fiction provides a safe environment for those mechanic beasts to unveil themselves to the world. I wouldn’t mind seeing one for real this Halloween. And you?

You can see more great work from Celsius Pictor on his website, Tumblr, Twitter, Dribbble.

Sparrows – Sparrow evolved in the first half of the 20th century in the north islands.

Poisonous chameleon – Belongs to the species of chameleons but this animal is crossed with the rattlesnake and he snaps his castanets(1) when he feels threatened.

Steamsnail – One of the main characteristics of the animals of the mysterious continent is that mechanic evolution has eliminated their weak spots. The steam snail proves this thesis and also provides an example of sense of humor that prevails in this land.

The bizarre giant bird – The sailors who accompanied Philip on its second voyage, fled in terror to hear the chanting of this terrible animal. The author was not able to describe that sound in his notes.

The Openbill – This species of stork is one of the most evolved animals and was discovered by Lord Philip on his 2nd travel. Although it feeds on fish, the place from whence he draws his fuel is unknown.

Reinforced toad

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

“Monsterkompendium” by Celsius Pictor – perfect for your Halloween

Artist Gogi Eom collaborates with his nine-year-old self on an awesome series

Children’s drawings are sketchy. But if they’re nurtured, they’ll go far. Even the greatest artist started out as a child after all. In an earlier post about embracing children’s creative potential, we featured artwork done by children side by side with their renditions done by professional artists. Talented artist Gogi Eom from Korea made it even better. He took some characters from his drawing when he was nine, and re-illustrated the whole thing with his current signature style.

It’s genius, I’m telling you. The illustrations from his nine-year-old self still retains its childlike and innocent quality. While the illustrations from his current self exudes professionalism, mastery and maturity. The contrast emphasises the journey Gogi has taken to refine his skills as an illustrator. Isn’t that a priceless, heartfelt moment? When your current self teams up with the nine-year-old self to have fun and do what both like doing most. This series is indeed a genial gift to anybody who used to be a child.

Craving for more great work? Head over to Gogi Eom’s website, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Society6.

And the childhood drawings from Gogi Eom. Gorgeous, aren’t they? I could even guess that the first one is about “The Tortoise and the Hare”.

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

Artist Gogi Eom collaborates with his nine-year-old self on an awesome series

Brock Davis Kid Tees – Dozens of genial humours that will make you smile

There is a high chance that you’ve seen Brock Davis‘ work somewhere. This greatly talented guy always finds opportunities to let his creative juice flow. By daytime Brock is the creative director at Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis, by night time he is the mixed media artist busying himself with personal projects. Sometimes it’s a challenge to make something cool every day, sometimes it’s a collection of conceptual photos taken with iPhones. Once Brock has an idea, he’ll find the most appropriate medium to execute it. There is no surprise that he has covered photography, sculpture, painting, and illustration.

Brock is also a regular artist on Threadless with the moniker Laser Bread. His t-shirt designs are super popular thanks to his playful and humourous illustrations commenting on pop culture and daily life. Then Target stores approached Brock for a deal to create kids’ t-shirts under his own name. He came up with the logo “Brock Davis” tees and produced a handful of genial designs.

All these things we used to imagine when we were kids. A literally balanced breakfast. A math book reads comics. A doughnut sneezes and looses its sprinkles. Very clever, witty word plays in various creative context. Although the designs are for kids, I would love to wear them around!

Scroll down to see all those brilliant ideas and amazingly funny designs by Brock. Want to see even more cool things Brock has made? Follow him on his website, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr.

“Hot Chocolate”

“Cheeseburger on a Trampoline”

“Powdered Donut Driving a Racecar”

“Luke Toastwalker”

“A Balanced Breakfast”

“One Giant Swat For Mankind”

“Family Portrait”


“Skate Soap”


“Ice Cubes”

“Early Bird”



“Spaghettin’ Fit”


“Deer Roasting Marshmallows”

“Rind Grind”

“No. 2 Pencil”

“Humpty Bumpty”


This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

Brock Davis Kid Tees – Dozens of genial humours that will make you smile

“PINKERTON” – beautiful story of a Little cat going on a Big Adventure

More than half of our team is cat lovers. We fall for Pinkerton in the blink of an eye. We’re pretty sure that talented artist Alena Tkach – creator of Pinkerton – knows the feeling. A few months ago, Alena made “Pinkerton – Little Big Adventure” as a card series for the collecting platform NeonMob. There are 20 gorgeous illustrations telling the 20 chapters of Little Pinkerton’s Big Adventure. This small cat has a curiosity much bigger than his size. So… he got lost and experienced many exciting things.

The world of adventure in Pinkerton is full of charm thanks to a nice balance between hand-drawn outlines, textures, and digital colouring. It brings out a nice dose of innocent, magical, and endearing feelings. Alena shared:

“The style of the “Pinkerton” collection was an experimental one for me, an attempt to try something new. I enjoyed every minute spent on these pieces, because I was given all creative freedom in choosing the theme and style.”

Scroll down to enjoy Pinkerton’s journey, and don’t forget that you can collect the full set here. You can also follow Alena’s creation on her Behance, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.

THE STORY – This is the story of a kitten named Pinkerton, a curious cat with a little too much curiosity for himself. Pinkerton is about to experience the most fantastic adventure of his young, kitty life. He’s going to make new friends and see new sights, he’s going to sleep in a flower and run from a storm, he’s going to catch fish and perch with owls. This is Pinkerton’s little big adventure, little because of his stature, big because of the frightening size of the world in which he will soon find himself. Wish him luck!

PINKERTON – Pinkerton was a friendly kitten, a happy house cat with short, soft fur and big, bright eyes. Possessing a curiosity that could kill, Pinkerton was full of vitality and had a healthy inquisitiveness which sometimes got him into trouble. By all accounts, he was otherwise a normal cat, who loved to doze in the afternoon sun and lapped up bowls of warm milk in the evening, or at anytime, really.

LAURA – Laura was Pinkerton’s master. Although she was quite busy, and couldn’t spend all of her time with her favorite pet, she did give Pinkerton as much time as she could allow in her schedule, and for that Pinkerton was grateful. He would mew softly as she drew pictures for people who loved her art. Pinkerton even helped her, sometimes, organizing her various colorful pens and pencils and serving as her assistant.

WEEKENDS – It didn’t bother Pinkerton that Laura was so busy during the week, because he knew that when the weekend came, she would give him all of her attention. Saturdays were his favorite, when he would wake her up at six in the morning by leaping onto her bed and pricking her wool blanket with his thinly filed claws. Laura would giggle with delight, and they would spend the day together, playing games, eating meals, and relaxing in the backyard.

AHHH… – Those were Pinkerton’s favorite times, when he and Laura lay on the grass, side by side, and watched the clouds scoot across the sky on a warm summer day. It was his own personal heaven: the soft grass pressed against his back, the sunshine on his fur, which seemed to absorb the warm light and let it seep through him, as if he were some sort of solar conduit, meant to live in the sun, utilizing its energy in the same way as a plant.

EXPLORING – In the evenings when the world cooled and the bugs came out, Laura would cozy back into the house, lazy from the sun, while Pinkerton would head into the garden, feeling recharged. On those days he could feel the sunlight in his veins, working its magic. He felt alive, and energized, and ecstatic. On that particular day he was more excited than usual, and his energy took him beyond the garden, to the large bushes which stood on the threshold of Laura’s back property.

ROCK – Pinkerton crossed the imaginary line which separated Laura’s backyard from the outside world beyond. Nervous and excited he moved forward, slow step after slow step, pulling his feral instincts from the depths of his stomach and arching his back. His claws extended, and his ears pricked up. He had never been this far before, he should probably turn back, he should probably . . . Pinkerton spotted a small bird, sitting atop a large boulder, and without thinking, sprinted toward it.

DRAGONFLY – With a fearsome agility that was hitherto unknown to him, Pinkerton launched himself up and over the rock and into the air. The bird, tweeting cheerfully, flapped its wings and easily dodged Pinkerton’s lunge. He went sprawling, spread eagle in the air, and then he was a ball of fur and teeth and claws on the ground. He was back up in an instant, and stalking his next prey: a red dragonfly, perched upon a different rock. “Cats always land on their feet,” he thought, and lunged again.

CHASE – Like the bird, the dragonfly skirted easily away from Pinkerton’s outstretched paws, but instead of vanishing into the trees, as the bird had, the dragonfly moved into the forest, staying level with the ground and zipping forward. Pinkerton followed, letting his body move in the way it was meant to move, like a liquid predator, smoothly and calmly in the splotched shade of the forest. The sight, however, was comical, as Pinkerton’s cuteness outweighed his feline ferocity.

NIGHT – Night fell like a heavy black curtain, cloaking the woods in darkness. Pinkerton realized he was alone, and slowed his pace. He had been following the dragonfly for . . . what, minutes? Hours? Days? The time had gotten away from him, and when he turned to look back the way he had come, the trees closed in menacingly, and for a moment he was afraid. And then the fireflies came out, lighting up the woods like firecrackers, and Pinkerton, distracted again, continued moving forward.

FOOD – All around him the forest was illuminated with the eerie, fluorescent glow of fireflies, their tails winking in the dark depths of the trees like stars in the cold night. Pinkerton’s stomach growled ominously, and he realized that he had missed dinner. Looking around, he saw the silver surface of a small pond, lit up by the wandering lightning bugs. He brought himself to the water’s edge and stared into his own eyes, then cracked the reflection with one, swift paw. He brought up a fish, gleaming and squirming, and ate it.

LOST – After eating, Pinkerton decided it was time to return home. He was tired, and Laura would be looking for him. Turning in slow circles and observing the forest, he settled on the direction which felt right to him, but when he began to walk this chosen pathway, he slowly realized that he hadn’t the slightest clue where he was. He found a tree trunk and climbed atop it, thinking. He would have to wait until morning, lest he lose himself to the woods, wandering aimlessly in the dark.

STORM – Morning came with a different sort of darkness, and for the first time, Pinkerton felt afraid. The sky was steel, and the crisp, pink sheen of the morning sun was nowhere in sight. And then the rain came, pouring in from all different directions, soaking his fur and filling his ears with harsh noises. He felt as though he were caught in a waterfall, trapped in the torrent beneath a cobalt sky, and he hurled himself onto the trunk of a nearby tree, pulling himself desperately upward to avoid a sudden flood beneath him.

SLEEP – It rained all day. Pinkerton managed to pull himself into the upper branches of the tree, where thick bushels of leaves offered him some protection from the rain, but not much, and by the time the invisible sun set beneath the clouded horizon, Pinkerton was shivering and hungry. But with night came clear skies, and fireflies once more. Pinkerton brought himself down from the tree and came face to face with a beautiful night flower, wide and soft and warm, and he curled up into it and slept like never before.

FOX – The day broke with wonderful noise and light. Forks of pink sunlight pierced the tree tufts and birds chirped loudly in the brilliant morning light. Pinkerton rose with renewed vigor, and decided that he would make it home that day. He chose a path and stuck to it, but soon came upon a fox, who growled at Pinkerton and made him nervous. Pinkerton had to run in all different directions to lose the fox, and when he was finally alone, he found himself more lost than ever.

MOONLIGHT – Night came again, but this time Pinkerton was ready for it. He had prepared himself for the cool darkness by building a bed out of the warmest, softest leaves he could find, arranging them in a fan pattern which stood up in the center of a clearing, a position from where he could watch the stars. Immediately following sunset, a thin crescent moon twinkled in the west, hovering just above the horizon like a silver bow. Pinkerton decided to head west in the morning.

HOMEWARD – As soon as the first ray of sunlight struck his furry brow, Pinkerton was up on his feet and headed west, with the sun on his back and the songs of birds in his ears. He stumbled across various pathways, which zig-zagged across the forest floor, but he ignored all of them, setting his eyes upon the western horizon between the trees in the distance. Near dusk he came across a clearing, which was occupied by two friendly birds who offered him a place to sleep. Pinkerton accepted their offer gratefully.

THIRD NIGHT – Pinkerton was headed in the right direction, he could feel it. Despite the fact that he had spent an entire day heading west and found nothing, he knew in his heart that he must keep moving with the sun. The birds introduced Pinkerton to their friends, the owls, who offered him a spot on a branch which stuck out from the trunk of the largest tree Pinkerton had ever seen. He slept awkwardly that night, perched between two owls on a branch high above the forest.

FRIENDSHIP – In the morning light of Pinkerton’s fourth day lost in the forest, he made a friend. While making his way down from the owl tree, Pinkerton saw movement in the bushes below, and for a moment felt a tinge of fear. But then from the bushes a friendly badger came forth, and Pinkerton leaped to the forest floor, eager to speak with another mammal. The badger told Pinkerton that west was most certainly the right direction, and shared some berries with him. Pinkerton thanked the badger and then went on his way.

HOME – The day was almost over. Pinkerton had trekked long hours through the woods, always headed west, and now the setting sun threw golden light into his green eyes, and he shivered with fatigue. But then, without any warning at all, he emerged from the woods, finding himself on the edge of a great cliff, overlooking the entire forest. Below him, his house stood in the center of the great thicket, the white walls ever so faint in the fading light. A small figure, who he knew was Laura, moved in the backyard of the house, and smoke poured from the chimney. Feeling faint with relief, Pinkerton the kitten took a deep breath and then began the journey downward, his adventure finished. It was time to return home, back to his best friend and back to his life.

Wow you’re here! Give yourself a pat on the back for being an avid reader. We have something extra for you too: several GIFs showing how Alena did the colouring for Pinkerton:

This blog was first published on Kuvva blog.

“PINKERTON” – beautiful story of a Little cat going on a Big Adventure